Justin Bieber Fan Disses His Song In Front of Him In Hidden Video Prank

Justin Bieber with the help of YouTube's David Dobrik, gathered random college students in a car to find out what they thought about his latest song, Yummy. When one fan was asked, he responded, love him, but Yummy is just like not it. It's just not that good. Then before the fan knew what hit him, Justin popped up from the back seat of the car and the fan quickly changed his tune all while hysterically screaming. Another person mentioned not liking Justin's new mustache--again, Justin popped up from the back seat scaring the life out of the fan. Another fan said it was her dream to marry Justin and that she was sad he married Hailey. The fans were honest about their feelings-all changing their mind once Justin appeared. Is there any truth to what the fans said?

Contains adult language.


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