Godzilla Christmas Tree Goes Viral

The dad from Rotorua, New Zealand, was inspired to make the Godzilla tree last year by his four-year-old nephew who 'loves dinosaurs'. Fast-forward to 2019 and he's auctioned it off for about $275! Not bad at all!

On the description, he wrote: "This 1.8m tree is shaped like Godzilla, which breaths smoke, it is definitely something unique. Made out of four Christmas trees, chicken wire, green mesh, 1x fog machine, plastic teeth, and paper claws.

"The fog machine works with a remote-control and comes with spare fog machine fluid. Lights can easily be removed, and the Christmas hat is not needed if you want to use the tree for something else.

"Comes with a box of spare of branches and dinosaur stockings. Also note a stand is needed to hold the treezilla up (I have covered this with a xmas present so it is not noticeable)

"This tree is a bit awkward to move around so would recommend a few people to help move it, I would recommend a van or enclosed trailer to transport it if driving out of town."

Next, we need a King Kong one.

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