Pussycat Dolls' X Factor Reunion Gets Complaints About Risque Outfits

I think people forgot that how they used to dress?

On Saturday night the group - Nicole Scherzinger, 41, Ashley Roberts, 38, Kimberly Wyatt, 37, Carmit Bachar, 45, and Jessica Sutta, 37 - appeared during the final episode of the ITV competition, which saw Megan McKenna crowned the winner. However, the performance, their first in 10 years, left some viewers complaining about the raunchy segment and their risque outfits. According to The Mirror, Ofcom has received 419 complaints so far over the performance which aired before 9pm.

One Twitter used wrote: "Disgusting, disrespectful and shameful and all before the watershed. “ X-Factor is a family show and I enjoy it with my 7 year old daughter who was shocked and disgusted as was I.”

Another added: “I wouldn't want kids watching this... Looks like a trashy strip show! "Gees there's a time + place for it! “How sad these women feel the need to dress like that when they know kids watch the show. Grim."

While a third posted: ““Disgusted with Pussycat dolls on X factor tonight [sic] "I'm sorry but I am there are millions of young girls watching this and thinking that they have to look that thin to get recognised. This is a family programme and it's a disgrace! [sic]"

Meanwhile, some viewers defended the band, who originally began as a burlesque group, adding that they saw “nothing wrong” with their set. “I really don’t see what’s wrong with the performance? "And for those complaining, ya’ll let your kids watch love island, and other reality rubbish which has adult themes etc [sic],” wrote one.

Another pointed out that the women should be celebrated instead: “Y’all lowkey wanna talk about how inappropriate their outfits are but sis- They full adults almost middle aged and still look fine. “Like shut up and close your eyes. Plus the name of their band is Pussycat dolls.

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