Shaq Does Diss Track Aimed at Damian Lillard, Dame Responds

The current beef all started after Lillard appeared on "The Joe Budden Podcast" and suggested that Shaq's rap success was more due to the former NBA superstar's game than his own lyrical skills.

"I think I rap better than Shaq," he said. "I think he was viewed as Shaq. People [weren't] looking at him like he was a real rapper. They was like, ‘That's Shaq rapping,' so of course it was a big deal."

Shaq answered by posting his diss track to his Instagram with the caption: "I accept all challenges."

"You see this flow it got a little Hall of Fame on it

Dame shoot jumpers

Shaq still bang on it

MVP candidate you are not one

Platinum plaques on my wall go and get you some

Lyrically, I'm three-time Finals MVP

I can't believe some clown is testing me."

Now, Dame responds in the video right below. Who won the battle?

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