The Iconic Central Perk Sofa from "Friends" Is Going On Tour

Surrounding the Sept. 22 anniversary of the show's premiere - 25 years ago - the show is going on tour. (without the cast) Yup, no cast just the couch.

"If you had told me that we’re going to come up with a show that, 25 years later, one piece off furniture is so iconic you could put it in the Empire State Building and you’d know what it is, It’s beyond surreal," says co-creator David Crane in an interview.

Where to find the 'Friends' couch

  • Empire State Building (New York) (Sept. 21-22)
  • Friends Pop-Up Experience (New York) (Sept. 7-Oct. 7)
  • Tribeca Television Festival (New York)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  • Maggie Daley Park (Chicago) (Sept. 21)
  • Willis Tower (Chicago) (Sept. 20-22)
  • Jackson Square (New Orleans) (Sept. 19-22)
  • Klyde Warren Park (Dallas) (Sept. 13-29)
  • Reunion Tower (Dallas) (Sept. 16-30)
  • US Bank Tower (Los Angeles) (Sept. 16-22)
  • AT&T stores (Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Anchorage, Alaska; Mall of America in Minnesota)

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