Woman Fired From Work For Taking Leave After Pet Dog's Death

Emma, a restaurant worker from Glasglow, UK, claims that she was sacked from her job for asking for a 'bereavement leave' as she lost her 14-year-old family pet dog, who was her "best friend". She worked at a fast-food restaurant, which she notified to tell them that she was distraught and needed a day off. Below she writes out her whole story, saying her manager said "no Bereavement time was allowed for pets" and received many nasty messages for it. Then ultimately, fired.

"I have chosen to start this petition to allow bereavement leave from work following the death of a family pet. I recently lost my dog, a valued family member and companion, I grew up with her and developed a close relationship that only grew each day. Following her unexpected death i informed my manager I could not come into work as I was too devastated and physically sick to do so. Instead of being shown the compassion and sympathy stated in the contract I was sent a number of nasty messages and told I had to cover my shift as no Bereavement time was allowed for pets. I did not go to work that day and I was recently fired and left unemployed the same day as loosing my best friend, this caused me extreme distress and sickness. I think it’s disgusting how some company’s think it’s acceptable to treat someone in this way with no remorse, a family pet (in my case my dog) has just as much importance as a human family member. It’s time company’s acknowledged this and give people the time they need to grieve with no worry of loosing their job." -Emma

Check out her petition here!

One person wrote about the story, "People are sometimes closer to a dog than they are to family members!"

What do you think? Should all jobs allow Bereavement? Not just for family but for friends and pets?

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