Billie Eilish's Merch Admits To Stealing Anime Art

Billie teamed up with Siberia Hills to create some new merch. But looks like they didn't create everything on their own.

One tweet says "Billie Eilish really stole a Japanese artist's work and put it on a shirt/hoodie and then when people found out about it, she quietly removed it from the store but left the tweet up so that people might still buy something from her store."

Eventually Siberia Hills responds to the allegations, and admits they stole the artwork....

"To the talented artist Mr. M_Qurokawa, we apologize for taking from your artwork for our merchandise collaboration with Billie Eilish. Billie and her team were not aware that we used your art, they just believed in the product. We were the creative force behind this collaboration. To Billie, and her fans, we apologize for causing this issue. These items will not be released. To those who already purchased, you will be refunded."

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