Woman Wants Disney World To Ban Guests Who Don't Have Kids

One angry mother has NO time for adults without children at Disney World and was so incensed by the audacity they show by going, that she unleashed an ugly and expletive-ridden rant on Facebook back in September.. but now it's going viral!

“DW is a FAMILY amusement park!” she wrote. “Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!! They have NO idea the JOY and HAPPINESS it is to MOTHERS WHO BUYS [sic] THEIR BABIES TREATS AND TOYS!!!!”

“This ---- in some very S**** shorts was buying a Mickey pretzel and Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later and it broke his poor little heart and he cried,” she wrote. “I WANTED TO TAKE THAT F-----G PRETZEL FROM THAT TRAMP LIKE THANKS B---- YOU MADE MY SON CRY!”

Meanwhile, social media weighed in, "as a parent who took his kids to Disney World a few years back I would love to go back and enjoy it without them at some point", one person wrote. Another person said, Walt's whole goal was to make things that everyone could enjoy."

So...What do you think?

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