Flight Attendants Hate When Passengers Do These 5 Things

Flight attendants hate it when passengers keep their headphones in during food and drink service because that means repeating themselves to each row.

Flight attendants hate when you leave trash all over the place – especially after the plane lands. That means leaving the seat and tray table a mess, spilling food and drinks or not keeping the bathroom tidy. Garbage duty isn’t their favorite task.

Flight attendants aren’t there to play games, so when passengers decide to play musical chairs with seat assignments, it’s a problem. If you didn’t pay for the upgrade or took an aisle seat because you’d be more comfortable, expect an uncomfortable conversation about switching seats. When passengers ignore the seat belt sign and get up when it’s bumpy, flight attendants warn they’re putting themselves at risk.

Flight attendants also hate it when passengers bolt out of their seats the moment the seat belt sign goes off after they’ve landed. You won’t get off the plane any faster, you’ll just clog the aisle.

The call button is there for a reason, to get help of some kind. But when you press it for no reason, like to ask about your flight connection for the third time when the flight attendant is clearly busy, that’s three strikes and you’re out. To fly the friendly skies, just be a decent human being.

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