Study Says Drinking Diet Soda Won't Help Weight Loss, Could Increase Eating

Drinking a diet soda may not be the solution to weight loss after all. The soda is low in calories and scientists believe it can make you eat more. A new study shows that people eat about 200 more calories with a diet soda compared to water. The phenomenon is especially prevalent among teenagers. The researchers focused on those kids drinking sodas - packed with low-calorie sweeteners or sugar.

They found youngsters who drank diet drinks consumed extra calories, and also took in more calories from added sugars in food and drinks compared to water drinkers.

The researchers also noted, after taking into account body weight:

  • kids who drank diet drinks consumed 196 extra calories a day
  • kids who drank sugary sodas - like regular Coke - consumed an extra 312 calories a day
  • kids who drank both diet and regular drinks consumed an extra 450 extra calories a day - when compared to water drinkers.

Do you regularly drink diet sodas?

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