Restaurant Replaces Bread With Giant Pickle For Sandwiches

Would You Eat This Sandwich? Trying to stay low-carb when you dine out for lunch? Gotta ditch the bread then. But what if you really want a sandwich? Elsie's in Haddon Township, New Jersey has the solution, surrounding their subs in a giant 7-inch pickle. Calling themselves the "home of the pickle sandwich," the suburban Philadelphia shop goes through about 300 kosher dills per day, co-owner Katherine Cohen told TODAY Food. "There is no bread in the house at all," Cohen admits, who offers sandwiches using cucumbers for those who aren't into their brined brothers. Are you going carb-free? What do you miss most? What substitutes have you come up with?

Although this isn't the first place to do this. But now it's just getting more national news. Check out the video below from a year ago.



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