Oregon Man Survives 5 Days In Snow Eating Taco Bell Sauce Packets

OMG! This reminds me of The Sopranos scene where Chris and Paulie get stuck in the snow too and half to eat ketchup and relish packets! (2nd video below)

A man whose car was stranded in central Oregon snow for five days survived by eating taco sauce packets and starting the engine periodically to warm up. A snowmobiler found Jeremy Taylor, 36, of Sunriver, on Friday and a search and rescue team member who rode to him on a large snow tractor brought him out of the woods, said Sgt. William Bailey, the spokesman for the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. He told his rescuers he and his dog, Ally, became stuck in deep snow on a U.S. Forest Service road later that same day. He slept in his car and when he awoke Monday, more snow had fallen.



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