Woman Shares Grandad's Hilarious List Of 'Boyfriend Rules'

A woman has shared her protective grandad's list of 'boyfriend rules' which he says any future partner must adhere to. Amie McHugh said she was "howling" when she received the WhatsApp message from her grandpa William. This grandad is very protective. Here's HIS rules for dating his grand daughter.

Rule 1: He must be RC [Roman Catholic].

Rule 2: He must be Celtic supporter.

Rule 3: He must be working.

Rule 4: I must like him.

Rule 5: He must like me.

Rule 6: He must be financially well off.

Rule 7: He must never look at another girl while in this relationship.

Rule 8: He must be very kind.

Rule 9: He must have a car.

Rule 10: Whenever in my company he must offer to pay bill.

Do you think these are good rules? Did you ever have rules for dating? Or do you now for your kids?



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