Toys 'R' Us May Be Coming Back With 70 New Stores

Former Toys ‘R’ Us executives have started a new firm dubbed Tru Kids. Led by former Toys ‘R’ Us Chief Merchandising Officer Richard Barry, Tru Kids owns the rights to mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us. The company plans to open 70 new stores overseas this year, but hasn’t made its intentions for the U.S. market clear.


Less than a year after Toys R Us liquidated its assets and closed hundreds of stores, they are planning to make a comeback. Not only is Toys R Us back, but so is their beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, and he means business.

Remember the song??????

I don't wanna grow up

I'm a Toys R' Us kid

They've got a million toys at Toys R' Us that I can play with

I don't wanna grow up

I'm a Toys R' Us kid

They've got the best for so much less

You'll really flip your lid

From bikes

To Trains

To Video Games

It's the biggest Toy Store there is


I don't wanna grow up

Cause baby if I did

I couldn't be a Toys R' Us kid

More games, more toys

Oh boy!

I wanna be a Toys R' Us kid

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