Identical Twin Sisters Got Different DNA Test Results

Ancestry tests are all the rage these days. If you’ve ever taken a mail-in ancestry or DNA test and found out information about your past odds are it’s probably all B.S. 

Heck, even I recently tired 23andMe.... the results were interesting, and I believed most of it. But is it 100% fact or science?

A pair of identical twin sisters decided to test the system and sent their DNA to 5 of the top testing agencies. They received several different reports. The sisters took their results to a few geneticists and biologists, who all concluded that the most you can hope to accurately find from those tests is what continent your ancestors are from. Other than that, it is all a guessing game. Experts said that it is best to go in knowing that this is “recreational science,” and not to count the results as hard facts. Do you have any famous relatives or links to the past?



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