Woman Got Message From Guy Who Saw Her On Bus

In the creepiest turn of events, a 20-year-old girl from England has been put into a situation that some are comparing to the Netflix show You. i

Lynda Lorraine (@Lyndahx on Twitter) posted a series of screenshots of text messages from a man she met on the train. In a report to BuzzFeed, Lorraine says that she had never seen the man before, and initially did not even notice him. When they did speak, she said "it was general small talk about the weather and stuff." He then finds her number "through friends" and starts telling, not asking, about their first date, and how he wants to get to know her. All of this happening without either of them exchanging any sort of contact info. 


Lorraine also told BuzzFeed that as of this time, she won't be contacting authorities over it, as he has seemed to leave her alone. Some have even started comparing the situation to the show You on Netflix. 



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