Twitter User Making Money By Commenting On Instagram

If you have been on Twitter for a longer amount of time, you may notice people "selling" feet pictures of nudes or even private Snapchats for relatively low amounts, usually $5-20. 

A new trend has popped up where users have been saying that they will comment on your exes Instagram for a fee. While most users are joking, some people are actually making money off it. 

BuzzFeed News reached out to the user behind @keanileigh, real name Keani Jury, who did confirm that people had reached out to her with payment, and that she has completed every task so far. 

BuzzFeed reported that at the date of publication she had accepted 15 direct messages. Her "services" include direct messaging someones boyfriend (to see if they would cheat), commenting 'ew' on someones exes Instagram profile, or sending feet pics. 

Would you ever do this as a quick and easy way to make some cash? 

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