Halsey Proposes "Three-Way" (Collab!) With Charli XCX, Newcomer

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Who doesn't love some juicy collab talk - or better yet, a little sexual innuendo -  via social media comment? 

On Wednesday, Charli XCX posted a photo to Instagram of new artist Gabbriette -- who is the lead singer of new band Nasty Cherry -- with the caption, "i like finding new music. this is Gabbriette. She’s the lead singer of @nastycherryband. Wanna collab??????"

Someone was eager to collab alright, perhaps in more ways than one. Halsey quickly posted a cheeky comment on the post, writing, "Three way! (Collab! Or I mean, whatever!)" We're here for Halsey using her Instagram account for some good old-fashioned flirtation, whether it's purely for her own entertainment or not, and love seeing her continue to break barriers in the pop music world.

Halsey, who is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ representation, recently made waves with her performance on the season finale of "The Voice," which depicted a same-sex relationship that sparked some controversy online. Halsey took pride in the performance, addressing the backlash in a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Keep doing you Halsey, it's why we love you!

It doesn't appear that Nasty Cherry has released any music just yet, what the band just having announced their existence on Instagram January 2nd. Whoever they are, if they've got early support from the likes of Charli XCX and Halsey, we're definitely interested.

Here's Charli's IG post:

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