Man Steals Foot-Long Sub, Stuffs Sandwich Down His Pants

Florida police are asking residents of Polk County to help them locate a man who stole a foot-long sandwich.

While theft in any form is not taken lightly, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took a lighthearted approach to the incident when sharing it on Facebook Monday.

“Some of you may think we’re overdoing it by trying to identify the suspect of a relatively minor theft… one of you is probably even saying, ‘This is small potatoes!’ And to that, we would reply, ‘No… this was a foot-long sandwich, not potatoes. Pay attention!”

“Now, stop right there. We know what you are thinking. Please resist— this is a respectable Facebook page. We are just reporting the facts. Too bad it wasn’t a hot sandwich— that would have provided instant Karma to the pilferer,” the statement continued. lol

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