Singing Baby Shark Toy Craze Is Real

It was only a matter of time. We're all doomed! 

The plush blue shark from IKEA made headlines last month due to its overwhelming popularity. Now, we have the next step in the advancement of shark merchandise. The singing plush shark toy on Amazon is already gaining popularity among young fans. The original baby shark dance video has over 2 billion views on YouTube. That's billion with a "B!!!" Now you too can own a Daddy, Mommy or Baby Shark Official Song Doll. The doll sings the official “baby shark” song when squeezed. The sharks were originally sold for $17 on Amazon but sold out. Due to the high demand, they are now selling for more than $80 each. What was your favorite toy growing up? Do you still have it? What toys do your kids want this Christmas?



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