A Facebook Selfie Saved This Man From 99 Years In Prison

CJ Precopia, 21, was accused of a terrible crime and faced 99 years in a Texas prison. But a selfie by his mother cleared him of wrongdoing.

“Thankfully, I do log on Facebook all the time, and I check in when I go places,” Erin told KVUE. That evening, his mother Erin had posted a selfie of her and CJ at 7:02 p.m. at the event located an hour away from the accuser’s home. “Upon learning of the information we moved quickly and were able to independently confirm the date and location of where the photo was taken,” wrote Henry Garza, Bell County district attorney.

However, the damages are immeasurable. CJ’s parents have paid about $250,000 in legal fees and CJ’s application to the U.S. Army was denied due to the charges. Guilty until proven innocent?



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