Charli XCX & Troye Sivan Go Back To "1999" (Music Video)

Do you remember what happened in 1999?

1999 The worlds population exceeds Six Billion. The Wars in the Balkans continue to cause suffering in the region, but both sides do come to the table and a peace is agreed. The world prepares for the new millennium parties and computers around the world run testing for the millennium bug which could cause wide scale disruption to business and infrastructure if not fixed. 

Pokemon fever grips the US The hottest toy for children in 1999? Pokemon cards, toys, etc.

SpongeBob Premieres

Attack of the Boy Bands. Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, O-Town, 98 Degrees, etc.

U.S. women's soccer team wins the FIFA Women's World Cup champions

Dream Team - Probably the greatest team ever assembled in any sport. The impact this team had on the game of basketball worldwide is unbelievable.

My Space was officially introduced to the Internet 

Bluetooth announced.

The initial release of Napster

Do you remember some of these? 

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