Woman Loses Job Over Video Of Her Hysterically Screaming For No Reason

From Facebook: 

This is what happens when you steer down the wrong exit at lake Georgetown. Corrected myself immediately when I saw the sign, backed up and was going out the right exit... this park attendant happened to be outside and told me she was calling the cops over that... I told her she cannot legally hold me here, not an officer nor did I do anything illegal... situation ensued, that’s when I started recording

EDIT- I didn’t wait for the cops, told the park rangers they couldn’t hold me there for no reason... right after the video ended I left while she was screaming bloody murder. A few miles down the road I saw about 15 cop cars with sirens and all blasting past me. (they legitimately thought someone was being ran over) Got pulled over a mile or two after that. Thankfully the cops were calm, after I showed them the video they understood my perspective completely and let me go.

After the footage went viral, Cedar Breaks Park reviewed the incident, and determined it was “best to part ways” with the employee, a rep told BuzzFeed News.

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