Cigarettes Are The Biggest Source Of Trash In Oceans

Plastic straw are definitely on the public's hit list. Some restaurant chains are banning them. But according to Mother Nature Network, there's a new villain on the scene: Cigarette butts. According to Business Insider, cigarette butts are the single biggest source of ocean trash. Not plastic.

The filters also release all the pollutants that they've absorbed from the smoke - substances like nicotine, arsenic and lead, all of which get consumed by sea creatures. 

Of course, it's not always a case of people throwing their butts directly into the sea, orstubbing them out in the sand while at the beach. Sometimes it's simply a case of butts being carried by the rain into rivers, before eventually reaching the sea.

According to data collected by NGO Ocean Conservancy, an astonishing 60 million cigarette filters have been collected since the 1980s.

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