Alcoholic Popsicles Are Coming To Portland

Everyone freaked out earlier in the year when Costco released boozy otter pops in select states. Sadly, these pops didn't make their way into the Pacific Northwest. 

Well, fear not Portland because according to The Portland Mercury, alcoholic otter pops are coming to Portland. Heather Wolfsmith of Tipsypop is bringing her test kitchen with alcoholic style otter pops to Portland once the OLCC approves the shop. 

In her article with The Portland Mercury, she said that she is looking to pair with Oregon Wineries for her pops. The business plan for her boozy popsicles is to initially sell online before attempting to sell her products to markets like New Seasons and Whole Foods at some point in the fall. 

Her lineup of flavors will initially include grapefruit frosé, pineapple granita and champagne, pomegranate sangria-pinot noir, and mimosa. How good does a Mimosa in popsicle form sound? Taking brunch to an all new (and absolutely epic) level! 

Wolfsmith has said that her popsicles run at an ABV of 6.7%  and that she will sell them in packs of four at about $8 to $9 a box. 

Are you gonna check out these new alcoholic push pops once they hit shelves? Which flavor are you going to snag first?

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