Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Lift

Most everyone wants big gorgeous doe eyed lashes. To attempt and achieve this look without mascara or strip lashes you have two options, lash extensions or lash lifts, also known as an eyelash perm. I have personally done both. 

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the process of adding individual lashes onto your already existing lashes. These lashes have to be filled every 2-4 weeks and require work to keep them looking great. They need minimal contact with water and it's recommended to buy a special eyelash cleanser for the extensions. 

A full set of eyelash extensions are going to run $150-$200 and $50-$80 for a fill, depending on where you go and how full you want your lashes to look. When I don't have extensions, I wear fake strip lashes so I tend to get mine long and full, which makes my lashes at the higher end of that price range. 

The hard part for me with extensions, is that you have to wear minimal eye makeup and NO LIQUID EYELINER. I love liquid eyeliner, it's been a staple in my look since I can remember. I love a black cat eye, simple brown eyeshadow, long thick lashes, and a red lip. You can't do that with extensions. Removing the liquid eyeliner at the end of the night will strip a lot of your lashes off, and the life of your lashes will be drastically shorter. 

You also need to keep a spooly brush on you at all times. Whenever you wash your face, you have to brush out your lashes. I'm not joking about these being a lot of work, when I blow dry my hair after a shower? I would have to blow dry my eyelash extensions so the glue wouldn't start to break down and then brush them out. 

The best part of eyelash extensions? I almost never had to wear makeup, I would wake up and go about my day and ALWAYS feel put together. I am currently taking a break from eyelash extensions, and I miss that so much. The fact of being always put together makes me keep going back to them. When I said I almost never wore makeup, I mean it. It is amazing, and you get compliments on how good they look all the time. I miss them. 

Lash Lift

Lash lifts will run you about $50-$150 depending on where you go, and if you get your lashes tinted at the same time. Lash lifts last around 6-8 weeks, where the tint lasts about 4-6 weeks. When I had my lashes lifted, I also had mine tinted. Which is common to do both at the same time. A lash lift is also the same thing as a lash perm. It is the process of chemically curling your lashes, giving the effect of having nice lifted and curled lashes without needing the death curl device. 

Anyone who has accidentally gotten their eyelid pinched in one of these devices will not soon forget the day. 

If you choose to get your lashes tinted at the same time like I did, then you pick a color to have your lashes tinted. I choose the deepest black they had, you can go for a dark brown or lighter black if you want a slightly more natural look. 

The below pictured lashes are not mine. 

Which Is Better?

Neither. Deciding between eyelash extensions and lash lifts depends on what look you are going for. Eyelash extension will give a more fake strip lash look, where lash lifts give you a more natural look, as if you are wearing mascara. 

PERSONALLY, eyelash extensions are more my jam. I have been wearing strip lashes very single day since I was 14 years old and extensions fit my aesthetic better. They are just more expensive and harder for upkeep. I know plenty of people who have lift and tints and it is PERFECT for their lifestyle. In the end, both are great options, and just depend on what look you are more going for. 

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