Glitter Dr. Martens are a Real Thing!

Glitter is my thing. If that wasn't obvious from my posts about glitter chairs, glitter butts, and general love of all things glitter. I have been described by people here in Portland as SpookyLite. Described to me by a previous partner that I was "the girl you date before dating someone who goes full Halloween mode all year long." I love all things dark and spooky. I have a slight punk style but with a lot of glitter and rhinestones. Rather than attaching studs to my jean jacket, I attached rhinestones. 

Now I have always enjoyed Dr. Martens, but they never really had a design that matched my aesthetic. I have come to find out that they are selling GLITTER Pascals and all my dreams are coming true. 

Look at those beauties! 

They have MULTI COLOR ones that are even more gorgeous! 

The downside? They come at that high Dr. Martens price tag. The Pascal boots are going to run you $120. I want these SO BADLY, but it's gonna have to be some time later in the year. 

I did find these babies on Hot Topic's website for $50. They are almost sold out though, so if you want a pair grab some now! I won't lie, I did buy them. The cold season is near and I only have one pair of boots okay!!! Don't judge me! 

If you wanna grab a pair of the Dr. Martens glitter Pascals you can grab them on their website. You can buy them in adult, infant, junior, toddler, and youth, for varying prices. 

Do you think you'll grab a pair of these glitter Martens? 

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