You Can Now Buy BUBBLEGUM Gin

There was no better excitement as a child then when I would hold up that wheel of bubble gum and my Mom said I could put it in the shopping cart. 

As an adult, my favorite liquor is gin. I love a good gin and soda or Tom Collins. Now this new 'Bubba Hubba' Bubblegum Gin has been making the rounds on facebook. The sad part about this gin, is that it is an English brand. So to all my American friends, you're gonna have to head over to our friends in England to get your hands on this bubblegum gin, but even if you did head on over to England, the gin is in fact sold out. 

Not all is lost though! Another brand called Three Pugs Gin also has a bubblegum flavored gin! This is ALSO an English brand, and not available to ship to the United States from any online retailer I was able to find, and no liquor stores in the Portland/Vancouver area seem to sell either brand. 

With the online popularity and interest in the bubblegum gin, I'm sure one of these retailers will make it available to us in the states, or an American gin company will come to our rescue and create their own version. 

In the meantime you can attempt at making your OWN bubblegum infused gin or bubblegum gin cocktail. 

Personally I have only ever infused vodka, and it isn't difficult. Just dump some candy, and in this case, bubblegum, into a half full bottle of vodka, let it sit for 24-48 hours. Separate the liquor from the bubble gum (I usually strain it into another vodka bottle, or back into the original) and you're done! Bubblegum infused liquor. 

The best classic gin cocktail to put a bubblegum spin on (in my opinion) would be a Clover Club. 

The Clover Club is a cocktail that was named after the prohibition era bar that invented it, but is now made at bars all around the country, and it is one of my personal favorites. 

In a typical Clover Club you would use raspberry syrup, dry vermouth, gin, lemon juice, and egg whites (that is what causes the froth at the top of the cocktail you see). 

In the cocktail recipe from above, replace the raspberry syrup with bubblegum syrup, and boom, bubblegum cocktail. 

If you do decide to make your own infused gin, try making a gin martini with it, and you may be surprised at the deliciousness! 

I have never infused gin, so I can't guarantee how the flavor will turn out, but I'm sure it will be amazing! 

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