The Best Brunch Spots in Portland

There is absolutely NOTHING I love more than a good brunch. Hand me a bottomless mimosa and some pancakes, and all of a sudden my problems seem so much further away. Since turning 21 I have made it my GOAL to eat all the best brunch spots in Portland. I haven't done it yet, but these are my favorite places to hang out for brunch. 

1. Cheryl's on 12th - 1135 Washington St. 

Whatever you do ORDER THE HASHBROWNS. Order the dan hashbrowns or I will appear out of thin air and smack you upside the head. While everything on the menu is fantastic, you must choose a side of hashbrowns. Cheryls on 12th is actually a pretty quick walk from my new apartment and it is about to be trouble. 

2. Daily in the Pearl - 902 NW 13th St. 

I either get the quinoa breakfast bowl or their griddlecakes. My Mom is obsessed with their breakfast sandwich and almost never orders something different. Their menu changes weekly, but usually have variations of the same offerings. To keep up to date with their menu check their website before you head out!

3. Blackheart - 2411 SE Belmont

Blackheart is one of the newest spots to hit Portland, and I have been there twice in less than one week since they have been open. Blackheart is a punk bar that serves brunch until 2:30 am. Their stack of pancakes is to DIE for. Plus their mimosa pitcher is only $16 and good for four people, or you can order it for two like I do and then walk back to your friends house and pass out at 3pm. 

4. Mothers Bistro & Bar - 212 SW Stark St. 

Mother's Bistro & Bar is always going to be an easy choice. Mother's will always serve you one of the best brunches in Portland, and the wait shows. Walking into Mother's on a weekend without a reservation is going to clock you over an hour wait, but it is MORE than worth it. I would recommend getting a reservation beforehand, especially if you're going to be heading in with a family. It's usually just my Mom and I at brunch so we can sneak it without too much of a wait. 

5. Clyde Common - 1014 SW Stark St.

Clyde Common is well known for their amazing cocktail selection, but they even have an amazing brunch. I had their bagel breakfast sandwich a couple weeks ago next to an aperol spritz and just about died and went to heaven. 

6. Besaw's  - 1545 NW 21st Ave. 

Besaw's is ACTUALLY within walking distance of my new apartment and I am about to eat there once a week I swear. I will be eating those pancakes a drinking a mimosa every single Sunday. 

Where is your favorite place in Portland to brunch? I'm 22 years old, of course all I want to do is drink mimosas and eat brunch food. There is no happier place in the world than inside a brunch place at 11am with the eggs sizzlin and the champagne and orange juice flowing. 

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