Target is Selling Inflatable GLITTER Chairs

Being a kid in the late 90's early 2000's reminds me of a lot of iconic toys and gadgets that I would BEG my parents for. Hair chalk, the automatic hair braider from Claire's, anything involving glitter (especially lip gloss), a skip it, a bop it, and tons of those iconic millennial toys. One toy I really wanted was a blow up chair. More specifically I wanted the Scooby Doo inflatable chair. I begged my Mom for probably over a year before finally getting one. 

My friend had a Brittney Spears blow up chair, and EVERYONE wanted to sit on it when we had sleepovers. 

My parents wouldn't let me have any blow up furniture because "I would pop it within a week." Technically they weren't wrong. I ended up getting a blow up chair at some point in my late elementary school or early middle school years. I did in fact pop it within a week. 

Now that I am an adult with my own money, I can SPEND IT WISELY on inflatable furniture if I so please, and it just so happens that Target has brought back the balloon furniture. 

The inflatable glitter chair retails at Target for $29.99 and it seems to only be available online. 

I mean look at how CUTE this chair is. 

If the glitter chair isn't for you, they also sell an inflatable glitter ottoman for $14.99. 

The chair and ottoman come in pink (shown above), multicolor, and gold. 

I'm really gonna need someone to talk me out of buying this for my apartment, I don't even have room for it. 

Also why is no one talking about the reviews of the chair on Target's website? I have been laughing for 5 straight minutes. 

Turns out Urban Outfitters is selling a very similar version of the chair, but bigger and seems to be less glittery.

I need a chair for my vanity, maybe the larger version could be a good idea for my apartment. Honestly, I'm trying to justify buying a glitter chair. I need it in my life. Bed Bath and BeyondBed Bath and BeyondAnother version of the chair is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Forever 21. They all seems to be the same or sister brands sold for the same price tag of $29.99. 

Who is gonna get one? If you do send me pictures of how you put it in your home! I need ideas. 😉

Bed Bath and Beyond

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