Who is at Fault for TanaCon?

Last weekend the tragedy that was TanaCon went down. Stories flooded the internet of how there was no organization, lines were long (most people didn't get into the convention), no food or water, and most people got sun burnt. 


Post TanaCon, the biggest question on everyone's mind was "who to blame?" A lot of people are pointing to Michael Weist, the owner of Good Times, the company that put on the convention. While others are pointing at Tana Mongeau, the Tana behind TanaCon, obviously. 

Now Shane Dawson has created a three part series about the truth behind TanaCon. 


PERSONALLY, I think they are equally to blame. Myself, and most of the comments on the videos, think Shane was a little more favorable to Tana. From what I have read online, Michael Weist does in fact have a shady past. Check online for yourself about Michael Weist and come to your own conclusions, don't take my word as the end all be all. Tana Mongeau did not put enough effort into this, and I think Michael took on a project that was too big for him and his very small team. 

The final video did irritate me, rather than anyone really trying to come to a conclusion, it was just a "who can throw each other under the bus more." 

I fell like people are glossing over the fact that IN THE VIDEO Michael and Tana BOTH acknowledge the fact that the venue can only hold over 1,000 people but they are going to host 5,000 anyways! Even TANA SAID TO KEEP PEOPLE OUTSIDE. She said people love to oppressed. Alright Tana. 


Tana Mongeau isn't responsible enough to throw a convention. She went on vacation while she was supposed to be planning TanaCon? When throwing an event with 5,000 people in two months, don't you think you should be around?

The event was also never about the fans, it was about revenge. Tana can say as many times as she wants that it was for the fans, but in reality it was built to be a big screw you to VidCon. Tana wasn't asked to be a featured creator, and when her fans started getting unruly, she was asked to leave for safety. Tana then decided to hold another convention the same weekend as VidCon, with a plan to make it way better. How she expected to create a better convention with less money, less staff, less space, and less time than VidCon amazes me. She needed to wait a full year to sprout her event. It honestly was a bit doomed from the start. 

The fact that Good Times wants you to email them for a refund, rather than at a direct point of purchase, and now the ticketing company Veeps, is releasing the same statement, kinda sucks. Also... is no one noticing that Veeps is owned by Good Times? Peep not only the full screen, but the url. 


Who do you think is to blame for TanaCon? Tana Mongeau? Michael Weist? Or equally accountable? There are tons and tons of Twitter threads, blog posts, and YouTube videos about the event. Let me know what you think went wrong! 

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All of these comments are speculation and not meant to hurt any one person or brand. I hope Tana Mongeau and Michael Weist can recover from this mess. Do not take my words as fact, these were all built off of online rumors.


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