15 Tweets That Prove Portland Deserves The #KeepPortlandWeird Motto

If you aren't already following Portland Or Alerts (@pdxalerts) on Twitter, you should probably stop what you're doing and click that "follow" button. In addition to providing vital and important safety information regarding police and fire-related incidents in the Portland area, the account can be something of a treasure trove of incidents that reinforce Portland's motto: Keep Portland Weird!

Check out 15 tweets proving Portland deserves the #KeepPortlandWeird motto below... and these are just from this summer so far!

1. Maybe hug a tree instead?

2. Somewhere a rich little girl is crying.

3. Hey man what did that can ever do to you?

4. Leave it to Beavers.

5. Maybe if they had just offered her a hot dog she would have been cool.

6. Mr. Rogers would never do that.

7. Next time go for the wireless model bro.

8. When life imitates emoji 💃

9. Sometimes you just need to reorganize things.

10. Bicycles though? So lame, guys. Unicorn horns deserve unicycles!

11. You're doing it backwards. You've got to pull the sword OUT of the ground, Wart.

12. DIY and BYOB, baby. That's hustle.

13. Had to be baked.

14. When you literally can't let go of your past relationship baggage.

15. He was lit.

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