Boyfriend Caught Cheating By Jimmy John's Sandwiches

Next time you have a side chick at your house make sure to hide her from view if you are expecting a food delivery. Kayla Speer wanted to do something nice for her boyfriend who lived three hours away and was stuck at home “studying” for finals so she decided to order him a Jimmy John’s sub. She called the restaurant and let them know the food was for her man and she wouldn’t be there for the delivery, she also called her boyfriend to let him know that food was en route. When he didn’t reply she figured he was just sleeping. After a while, she finally heard back from her boyfriend thanking her for the food and she also got a call from the delivery man who informed her that her “boyfriend” had a naked lady on his couch when he dropped the food off. Jimmy John’s confirmed that the story was true and they also offered to cater a break-up party. See below.



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