10 Restaurants/Bars To Check Out This Summer In Portland

The rare few weeks of sun we get here in Portland are upon us, which means we need to take advantage of it! After your morning hikes, Saturday Market shopping, and mid day bike rides, here are 10 of my favorite restaurants/bars in Portland with ample patio seating. 

1. Lardo East - Hawthorne Blvd.

Both Lardo locations have outside seating, but the location off Hawthorne is almost complete patio. Lardo has my favorite sandwiches in Portland and a huge beer selection. 

2. The Rambler - Mississippi Ave.

Almost any location off of Mississippi is going to have patio seating, but not all restaurants are created equal. Head into the back of The Rambler and you will find ample outdoor seating if the front patio is full. Take it from me and order the Chicken Sandwich. 

3. Departure Lounge - Morrison St.

Departure is almost always going to be packed, especially in the summer. It's a place you need to try at least ONCE in your life. This Asian restaurant has wonderful sushi and cocktails. 

4. Paymaster Lounge - 17th St.

Heading over to Paymaster Lounge is a guaranteed good time. The location has a covered patio which allows for outdoor seating no matter the weather, which causes this location to always be hopping. Don't allow that to deter you from heading down to Paymaster though, you'll always be able to find seating with a great happy hour menu as well. 

5. The 1905 -Mississippi Ave.

I spend a lot of time on Mississippi Ave. The 1905 has great pizza and cocktails, plus live Jazz music every night from 8-11pm. While the live music is indoors, they still have ample patio seating where you can still hear the live music, but allows for better conversation. Grab a slice of the Oregon Truffle pizza and try one of their rotating tap beers. Plus if you go on a weekday you have a chance of seeing you recognize. :) 

6. Victoria Bar - Albina Ave.

Victoria Bar off of Albina has not only amazing cocktails but a large selection of vegan and vegetarian options on their menu. I personally am a HUGE fan of their Pimento Mac and Cheese. They too have a covered patio, so if it starts to rain during your meal, no fear. 

7. Century - Sandy Blvd.

Century Bar has amazing cocktails and cheap snacks with vegetarian and vegan options. The best part? They also have an amazing rooftop patio with events going on frequently. You are guaranteed to always hav a good time at Century. 

8. Radio Room - Alberta St. 

Radio Room has brunch until 11pm, so obviously I am ALL ABOUT that Radio Room vibe. With two outdoor seating areas you are guaranteed to find an awesome place to drink and dine. (Can you tell I spend a lot of time in Northeast Portland?)

9. Bible Club - 16th St. 

Head to Revival right behind Bible Club and you'll find the patio section of the bar. The outdoor area of the bar still serves beer, wine, cocktails and food. Revival is open on Saturdays and Sundays. 

10. The Pied Cow - Belmont St. 

If you have ever been to Belmont or the neighborhood, you've likely been to The Pied Cow. If you haven't, you need to head over that way this week. This is TECHNICALLY a hookah bar, but the location is eclectic with wonderful coffee and dessert. My ex and I actually tried to revive our relationship after we broke up at The Pied Cow, I enjoyed the coffee more than his company. 

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