Is Dillon Francis Behind The Influencer Only Wall?

All over Twitter yesterday people were talking about the new "influencer only" wall in Los Angeles. If you have ever been to Los Angeles you know that these photo walls are EVERYWHERE. Even I took one at City Walk inside Universal Studios!

Well a new one has popped up for those who are verified, or have more 20,000 followers. The wall is even guarded by security to make sure you meet the guidelines. 

But here is the thing... the accounts behind the verified only wall aren't even allowed to take a picture with their own mural! THEY DON'T MEET THE GUIDELINES! 

As of 7am on June 26th, they only had around 7k followers on Twitter. 

While having 900 followers on Instagram.

The real question here is that... IS THIS SOME SORT OF DILLON FRANCIS PRANK? 

I'm about to get all conspiracy theory on you right now, so bare with me. 

It's not unlike Dillon Francis to pull elaborate pranks before the release of a new single or album.  JUST LAST WEEK Dillon Francis bought to promote his new single. 

Now, I am leading to assume this is the next elaborate prank from my favorite EDM dude, Dillion Francis. 

The image on their account is of a poorly photoshopped Dillon Francis from what appears to be the Money Sucks, Friends Rule era. 

Plus, it didn't get by me that Mad Decent also likes the Twitter page. 


Mad Decent is well known for shit posting, and following other accounts who shit post, but I think this is a Dillon thing! It's a new single or album! I'm not crazy! It's Dillon Francis! 

The big promo isn't even the fact that they have a verified wall, it's that they have something coming July 9th. 

We haven't had a new Dillon Francis album since 2018 and even Dillon has said in a now deleted tweet that he is finishing up his album and that 2018 is about to be wild. 

Could it be a surprise album drop? Release dates for albums are soooo 2014. Just ask Jay Z and Beyoncé. 

Now here is my next point, the wall went viral after this guy Justin Caffier tweeted about it. Who exactly is Justin Caffier? A staff writer for Vice. From what I can tell, he is an ENTERTAINMENT writer. Now could you see Dillon Francis' team calling up Vice... asking them to help with a slow viral movement? We also have to remember, Dillon Francis is ALSO associated with Vice. 

A little backstory for anyone who doesn't know, Dillon Francis is housed under Mad Decent. Mad Decent is a label owned by Diplo. Earlier last year Diplo had a show called What Would Diplo Do? that was aired on Viceland. Dillon Francis had a regular character on the show named Jasper. 

Who owns Viceland? VICE. Who first made the influencer wall go viral? VICE. 

Now I know I am starting to sound like Charlie Day trying to convince people that Pepe Silvia does not exist. 

But now is the fateful time where I tie all the red strings together. 

  1. A random influencer wall pops up in Los Angeles, that probably wouldn't have made news because, well, walls never go viral. 
  2. The wall goes viral because of a Vice employee. 
  3. It sends you to some social media pages that are alluding to something going down on July 9th, with a profile image of Dillon Francis. 
  4. Dillon Francis and Vice have connections through his time on What Would Diplo Do?
  5. Dillon Francis is due for a new single or album around the same time as July 9th. 

Don't try to convince me otherwise, I'll be ready to listen to my new Dillon Francis single on July 9th! 

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