Five Things You Need For Your Studio Apartment ASAP

I'm moving into a new studio apartment in July, and since I have always lived with roommates I needed to buy a ton of furniture. While I am not opposed to buying used furniture, I wanted to see what I could find online for cheap. I set a limit of $2,000 to furnish an entire studio apartment. For context, I do already have the entire bed frame and mattress for a queen bed. So that $2,000 is for everything else. 

I'm not posting EVERYTHING I bought, because that would be over 30 items. I'm just gonna let you in on the top five things I purchased that were cute, unique, or an amazing deal! 

1. White Tufted Sleeper Sofa

I have a white, pink, black, and gold household. My bedroom is all white and dusty pink, while my living room is mostly white and marble, with gold accents. My studio is in an L shape, so I have a privacy screen up to make it more like a one bedroom. 

I live right by an event center and two concert venues. I wanted to get a sleeper sofa so if friends want to stay the night after getting too lit at events, they can. No drunk diving in this home!

$249.99 on SofaMania

2. Vanity Mirror Lights

Trying to buy those "Hollywood Style" vanities with the bright white LED bulbs ups the cost around $100-$200. In order to stay in budget I couldn't really afford to spend more than $200 on a new makeup vanity. So I found that INSTEAD you could buy those LED vanity lights in a strip for about $15. Rather than spending $500 on a lighted vanity, I could buy one for $200 and add those $16 lights and get the exact same effect! 

$16.99 on Amazon

3. Groot Plant Pot

Being a Portlander but also Guardians of the Galaxy fan, I wanted to grow some herbs in my apartment, with a Groot theme. So I grabbed a Groot plant pot for my basil, mint, and rosemary. They have three different poses on Amazon for about $10 each, so I grabbed each of them to line up in the window in my kitchen. 

$6.80 on Amazon

4. Counter Pub Set

One of the hardest things about being in a studio is that there isn't really room for a dining set. So you are either stuck with eating on the couch, which I hate, or cramming a table into a tiny space. My savior came in this counter pub set on Amazon. Tuck that baby away in the corner and you are able to dine with a guest, and still be able to chat and have a conversation. I'm not a fan of the concrete style countertop, so I purchased some marble adhesive. 

$165.05 on Amazon

5. Room Divider

The ONE THING you need if you are living in a studio is some sort of room divider. Most people I know use curtains, but those make me feel like I am living in a hospital. So I have a folding screen, it helps section off the apartment to feel more like there is an actual bedroom space rather than everyone being in my bedroom. I love my room divider, it's super cute and matches the aesthetic of the place. 

$66.00 on Amazon

These are five things that I felt like really made my apartment feel like my space, and section it off in a way that I don't have people invading my sleeping space. I had 32 things that I bought on Amazon ALONE. 

If I was to show you everything I bought it would literally take me 10 hours to write this blog post. 

I used this image as SLIGHT inspiration for my studio, the shape is different, so I had to get creative. 

To anyone else renting their own studio, may your living space be large and sectioned off well! 

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