Is TanaCon The New Fyre Festival?

Last year, the biggest alleged festival scam came from Ja Rule's "luxury" getaway Fyre Festival. At a price tag of over $1000 you were promised over a million dollars worth of hidden treasures on a private island while being housed in five star rooms/huts and raving the night away. 

Basically, the whole event turned into a disaster where it was rumored that people were going missing, there was little to no food and water, and they were diverting planes to save people from the island. 

Now, one of the biggest YouTube events of the year is VidCon. It's a convention for YouTube creators and fans alike. The convention is built for aspiring YouTubers as well as those who just want to be able to meet and celebrate their favorite content creators. 

19 year old YouTuber Tana Mongeau attempted to create an "anti VidCon" convention to fix all the things she finds wrong with the YouTube run convention. The convention was going to be running the same weekend, and even in the same city at VidCon. 

One of Mongeau's biggest complaints about VidCon was the fact that she did not agree with the conventions decision about who was and was not a "featured creator." Basically I'm taking this as Tana Mongeau being upset that she wasn't being a featured creator at VidCon and therefor creating her own convention, but that is just my opinion. So at TanaCon, everyone was going to be an equal level of creator... even though the convention is named after a YouTuber... everyone is equal. Alright Tana, lol. 

The news broke this morning that 20,000 people showed up for TanaCon while only 5,000 had actually purchased the $1 tickets or the upgraded VIP option at $65. The convention was then shut down after the fire marshal posed concerns about everyones safety at the event. 

From the second the day began the convention was chaos. Attendees were told to show up at the convention between 6am-8am to register for the event, and then were kept out in the hot sun for up to six hours without any water or information according to Polygon

The company in charge of TanaCon, GoodTimes, has released an official statement. 

If you want to get refunded for your TanaCon tickets, you have to email them directly, rather then them just automatically giving you your money back at point of purchase. Alright Good Times. 

You can see a full extensive report about the mess that was TanaCon at Polygon. 

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