Alcoholic Push Pops Exist and I Need Them

Recently Buzz Pop Cocktails have been popping up all over the interwebs and I needed to figure out what the craze is all about. 

Turns out that Buzz Pop Cocktails is basically the adult version of my favorite ice cream treat as a kid. 

Whenever my parents bought me one of these treats at the gas station I was PUMPED. Now I can have a push up WITH alcohol in it? Absolutely down to clown with these treats. 

The description from Buzz Pop's website claims the cocktails are "a chef-inspired, gastro-innovation that meets the discriminating tastes of cocktail aficionados and people of all ages from coast to coast. Buzz Pop’s alcoholic popsicles (Adult Push-Pops) are fresh, vibrant and wildly delicious seasonal fruit whipped into an Italian-style 5 star restaurant quality gourmet sorbet made with 15% top shelf liquors offered in a ready-to-serve push-pop that makes for a guilt-free indulgence."

The push pops run at 100 calories per indulgence and come in a variety of summer flavors. From what I can see online, they are not currently available in stores, but they do have events and you can order them online. 

A case of 8 in a variety pack WILL set you back $99.99 and $34.95 in flat rate shipping. Which will run you in the end $134.94, or $16.87 per pop. Basically a top shelf long island iced tea at some higher end places here in Portland. 

While these do run a bit pricey, they could be EXTREMELY fun for a BBQ or small house party. Basically I am looking for a reason to spend $140 in liquor, because I NEED these in my life ASAP. They run at about 5% alcohol per push pop, and I won't say that two of these would get me drunk, but I am an EXTREME lightweight. 

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