The Story of #MPRRaccoon and the Fight for His Life

Last night a poor raccoon decided to scale the UBS Tower in St. Paul, Minnesota and all of Twitter was captivated with his saving. 

The little raccoon ended up scaling all the way up to the 23rd floor of the building before taking a nap on someone's windowsill. The city had set up live traps on the top of the tower and were urging the little guy to head up there so he could be saved. 

At around 12:38am Tim Nelson on Twitter announced that our dear friend #MPRRaccoon was rescued. 

The story of raccoon friend became such an internet sensation at one point even the mayor weighed in! 

As of this morning it was announced that after getting a full belly of cat food, trash panda was being taken to an "undisclosed location" and would be released back into the wild. 

The little guy even had to be taken past paparazzi! He might be as famous as Rocket Raccoon at this point! 

Here is to a full life of stealing food from camper's at campsites and running around with Groot you little trash panda. 

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