Five TV Shows I'd Love To See Get Rebooted

We are currently in the age of reboots, with Roseanne getting it's own highly successful reboot, and then cancelation. Full House was rebooted by Netflix with Fuller House. Then there is my personal favorite reboot, Twin Peaks.

The absolute best reboot that Netflix has gifted us with has been Queer Eye. 

If you have not yet gotten to know the newest Fab 5, Tan, Antoni, Jonathon, Karamo, and Bobby, then you are not doing yourself justice. 

There are some other television shows that I am just WAITING for them to bring back to television. 

1. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec lived on NBC for seven seasons following the employees of the Parks and Recreation employees of Pawnee, Indiana. The show was one of my absolute favorites, and I cried so hard during the last few episodes. 

Lots of fans have been asking for a reboot of the show, and when Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman came onto Ellen to promote their new show Making It, Ellen had to ask. 

From what it sounds, the cast would be down for a reboot, and to not completely write off the idea. 

2. The Office

Another show that the world has been crying for is a reboot of The Office. The show runners have shown interest in a reboot as well as most of the cast. John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson have said that they would be open to some kind of reunion, even if it wasn't a full revival. 

The only cast member not interested in a reboot... Steve Carrell. When asked by Entertainment Online, he said that "I don't want to be a jerk about it, but I think people who like the show originally would want it to come back exactly the way it was, but that could never happen... I kind of don't want to do it because I love the show so much. I think people would be disappointed, I really do." 

So, all in all, we could look forward to a The Office reboot sans Michael Scott... potentially. 

3. Friends

When Friends ended it tied up loose ends, but only partially. Yes, Rachel got off the plane, but did her and Ross ended up staying together? How is Phoebe's marriage? Plus Joey never really got a proper ending! I NEED ANSWERS!

Even if the friends just got together for a reunion special, maybe as they grew older they grew apart, and are meeting up one summer and the coffee shop, reminiscing where they lives have taken them. Who knows! JUST GIVE ME THE ANSWERS! 

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

According to TMZ we could be getting a Fresh Prince reboot, but more like Fuller House style and less Roseanne. The show will be dubbed Fresh Princess of Bel-Air. Apparently there have even been trademarks filed for Fresh Princess merch and toys. 

Other than that, we have no other news. Heres to at least hoping Will Smith plays the Princess's Father... or uncle! 

5. Freaks and Geeks 

This is the show that did not get the chance it deserved. The show only lasted one season, but it deserved so many more than that. Starring a young James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, and many other young stars. Back in 2006 Judd Apatow, one of the key writers talked about a possible revival, but in the past two years nothing else has been spoken of. 

I NEED MORE FREAKS AND GEEKS. We were left on a cliffhanger, and I need to know where these kids ended up! 

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