Student with Autism Accidentally Punches Teacher At Graduation Ceremony

A student with autism lashed out at a faculty member at the high school's graduation ceremony. The faculty member was not injured and was understanding of the boy's condition.

A student from the graduation commented in the video below saying, "The fact that this has so many views and comments is saddening. This was at my graduation. He has autism and did not want to walk on stage because of all the people and lights. However, someone decided that he had to walk, so his teacher, who is absolutely wonderful, escorted him across stage. His reaction was out of fear and was not meant to be a joke. Whoever made him walk across stage is at fault, not him. He doesn't deserve to be ridiculed like this. The woman who was hit is the head principal at the high school. She did nothing to deserve being hurt, nor be the recipient of such hateful comments. She was there supporting all the graduates. Stop the immaturity and disrespect."



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