Another Queer Eye Couple Weds

Fans of the Netflix series Queer Eye were delighted to find out that Tom and Abby remarried, then a few weeks later we found that Netflix would be releasing season two of the show on June 15th. 

Remember AJ? Of course you do, there is no way to forget the emotional journey he went through with The Fab Five while coming out to his stepmother. In one of the most raw and emotional moments on the show, AJ wanted to come out to his stepmother with some help from the cast. He also wanted to introduce his stepmother to his boyfriend Andre. 

Back in February we found out the two had gotten engaged.

Well now the news has spread that AJ and Andre are MARRIED! 

There is no stopping the wave that is Queer Eye and I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness. ❤️

Catch me on my couch eating pizza and crying on June 15th for the premiere of season two. 

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