Mel B, The Spice Girl Who Got With Justin Timberlake?

Watch the real full interview/video of it HERE.

On a show called Loose Women, a chat turned to JT's confession and luckily for them, they had a Spice Girl present to ask the question to - Mel B.

They were playing a game (that was obviously NOT set up just for this one question) in which the panel asked questions, and Mel B answered them by holding up a paddle with one of the girls' faces on it.

I think we can work out where this is going, right?

Ruth Langford just got right to the point and asked her. She said: "Which Spice Girl snogged Justin Timberlake?"

Mel then knew that she was resigned to her fate, looked very sheepish, and grabbed all of the paddles and showed them off in a frenzy.

Her strange and flustered reaction seems to imply that it was her that hooked up with JT. Thoughts?

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