A Roach Was Stuck In Woman’s Ear For 9 Days

One evening Katie Holley of Melbourne, Florida felt something cold like ice slide down her ear. When she went to investigate with a cotton swab she felt a movement like whatever was in her ear was trying to go deeper.  She pulled the swab out of her ear and saw small brown pieces. Her husband Jordan went to help by shining a flashlight in her ear, and there it was a cockroach aka "palmetto bug."  The two went to the emergency room where Katie was seen immediately. She said she could feel the bug moving as they tried to kill it and get the bug out.  Pieces were taken out, but her ear still bothered her. She went back a week later and the ENT removed the head, antennae, torso, and limbs of a full grown palmetto bug that had been sitting in her ear canal for nine days!  Have you ever had a bug stuck in your ear? How did you get rid of it? 

Although from the bottom videos, bugs stuck in ears is more common than we thought? Eww.



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