A Free Apple Costs Woman A $500 Fine

In a case of things that make you say, "WOW" a woman is facing a $500 fine from U.S. Customs and Border Protection for saving a free apple she received from Delta Airlines on her way back to the US from Paris. The woman, Crystal Tadlock, said she got the apple from a flight attendant, and she put it in her carry on to have as a snack during the second leg of her trip home. Her bag was chosen to be searched and she was asked about the apple.  Tadlock asked if she could just throw it away or eat it, and that's when Customs allegedly told her she would be fined $500 for carrying undeclared fruit.  According to the US Customs website, "every fruit or vegetable must be declared to a CPB Agriculture Specialist or CBP Officer and must be presented for inspection." Tadlock is ready to fight the fine in court.  



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