Everything You Missed From Coachella

Week One of Coachella, or #Baychella, depending on what team your on, happened over the weekend. 

Instagram models, celebrities, and festival goers hit the desert for the festival and the pics from the weekend are all over the interwebs. 

First of all, we need to talk about how the Walmart kid meme actually came to life?

Nicki Minaj's squad was SO fire that it actually included SHANIA TWAIN. 

Rihanna pulled off an outfit that I am obsessed with, but would have never thought to pick up for myself. 

Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians were all over the interwebs this weekend. The sisters are BASICALLY walking festival goals, so of course the weekend was heavily documented. 

Cardi B, WHAT is this outfit and why am I so obsessed with it?

Can we talk about the slayage that Laverne Cox is serving? 

Paris Hilton rocked it as a beautiful butterfly in the desert. 

Emily Ratajkowski was at another festival in the desert, REVOLVE Festival. I saw an image once that she has one of her own Instagram screenshots hung up on her wall. I get why. Look at that treasure. I love her, which is why even though this is a Coachella post, I added her in. 

Last but not least, Coachella has been cancelled, and changed to #BEYCHELLA. Why? Beyoncé killed the stage so heavily, not a single artist could compare. How did it not physically light on fire? The show was livestreamed much to everyones delight, and oh my GOD. She reunited Destiny's Child, she brought Jay on stage, plus she had four outfit changes that apparently also included a NAIL POLISH CHANGE. That is a queen. A QUEEN.

She was backed by an entire MARCHING BAND and dancers! 

The fact that Destiny's Child was reunited absolutely killed me. 

Here's to Beyoncé and all that is #Beychella. Keep rocking it Queen Bey. 🐝

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