Why Was #Respect5SOS All Over Twitter Last Night?

Yesterday as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed post a six hour nap, I saw a tweet about how I was a respectful interviewer and radio DJ. I've always though of myself as someone who was nice to celebs, but I didn't think this was an unnatural thing in the radio world. 

I went and dug through the hashtag for a while, trying to figure out, WHY are so many people tweeting about #Respect5SOS?

Then... I finally found the video. 

In what realm of the world did this radio interviewer think this is okay? Yes, the boys are heartthrobs, but the SECOND they refused and showed that they are visibly uncomfortable, the topic needed to be dropped and an apology issued. 

Instead she takes HER shirt off to entice the guys to follow suit. They did their best to diffuse the situation without making a scene. Instead, she keeps egging them on before the interview gets cut. 

As of now I have not seen an apology or statement from the interviewer or company, the only thing I could find on their Facebook page was the video of the interview.

From the responses on Twitter, it seems like the #5SOSFam is waiting for an apology from the host or parent company of the station in Italy.

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