Krispy Kreme Selling A “Simpsons D’ohnut”

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Krispy Kreme has just put a major sang in your goal to get a beach body by releasing the "Simpsons D'ohnut." The perfectly named doughnut is a glazed doughnut dipped in strawberry flavor white chocolate truffle icing with rainbow sprinkles on the top. 

If you're ready to rush out and get a dozen there's a catch. The D'ohnut is only available at Krispy Kreme and 7 Eleven stores in Australia.  D'OH!  

In the States, Krispy Kreme is offering a Reese's Egg inspired doughnut. Would you like to see the "Simpsons D'ohnut" in the States?

Presenting the 8th wonder of the world – Australia’s First Official - The Simpsons D’ohnut! In Krispy Kreme stores & @7elevenaus now! More info at the link in bio #simpsonsdohnut #krispykremeaustralia #thesimpsons #doughnuts #donuts

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Time for an Australian edition of Let's Be Jealous! Krispy Kreme in Australia just released new Simpsons D'ohnuts. It's a glazed doughnut dipped in strawberry flavored white chocolate truffle and topped with sprinkles. For the Aussies out there, @gramofsugar already found the single packs at @7elevenaus.

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