Is The Old Taylor Being Revived?

Last night at our iHeartRadio Music Awards Taylor Swift premiered the music video for her next single Delicate. 

Taylor Swift declared last August in her first single from reputation that the old Taylor is dead and tbh I am still in mourning. 

1989 Taylor Swift was BY FAR my favorite Taylor Swift. Blank Space is 100% the best song she has ever released and I will fight anyone who tries to say differently. 

Don't get me wrong, I like reputation. It's a good album, but I don't feel like it's her best work. I still bop Welcome To New York at full volume in my bedroom (sorry neighbors)! 

Rather than getting even and fighting battles with other celebrities, I wish she would just focus on herself and her music. Bad Blood was also my least favorite track from the 1989 era of Tay Tay. 

I'm not the end all be all decision on what music from Taylor is good or not, but personally and from most of my friends, we feel like we want 1989 Pt. II. 

At our iHeartRadio Music Awards was the premiere of her video for Delicate and it's a throwback to my favorite and silly Taylor Swift. 

She's our old Taylor, the girl I want to have sleepovers with and go to brunch with on a Sunday morning in East Village, Manhattan. 

Delicate is my second favorite track from the album, Dress is my first favorite and I am still hoping for that to be our next single. I NEED a music video. 

Here's to the old Taylor, I hope you are brought back from the dead gorgeous. 

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