MUSIC REVIEW: The Knocks x Foster The People 'Ride or Die'

As a long time fan of The Knocks, you can imagine how stoked I was when I got an offer to hear their new single a week early. 

Yesterday The Knocks teased their new song, without giving us the feature.

When I was walking into work this morning and saw that that feature was going to be FOSTER THE PEOPLE, I just about died. 

Couple hours later I got an email with a copy of the song and holy ish y'all. 

This single is straight gold. 

Any longtime fans of the duo know that their sound has never stayed one static vibration. Their (underrated) EP Comfortable was very sexy, the debut album 55 and follow up remix album 55.5 was disco, and their most recent EP Testify was basically EDM gospel. 

Ride or Die is a throwback to the vibes of Classic featuring POWERS. You may have heard it in a summer Coca Cola commercial.

Ride or Die features Foster The People on vocals and backing tracks solidified by The Knocks. The song makes you want to get in a convertible and run away to the beach with your friends. It's summer love packaged into one song. Ride or Die makes me want to run away to the beach and find my summer romance. 

This song is one to bring new people into The Knocks, and one sure to please old fans of the duo. It is also the perfect way to transition already established fans of Foster The People into the sound and vibe of The Knocks. 

Keep your eyes tuned to The Knocks next Friday, March 9th, because they are about to drop your summer anthem! 

"Who needs a house when you've got all these friends?"

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